Certified Consultants

Nico Habraken

Belgium Speaker Nico Habraken

Internet entrepreneur / trainer since 1993 with > 23 000 course members

  • Specialisation: e-commerce, product development with creax method & contracts
  • Market: B2B
  • References in: Benelux, Germany & Finland
  • Slogan: For every problem are always five solutions
André Huynen

Belgium Speaker André Huynen

Business Administration degree holder since 2000 (from HEC Liège), I continuously developed my marketing, sales and management skills through several ongoing positions, which I had the pleasure to be active in at Compaq, HP, Microsoft and Aurelium.

I have always been active in the market segment of SMB companies (1 to 250 persons) and my increasing admiration and growing inspiration for entrepreneurs and SMB companies has been increasing year after year.

Presently, my main objective is to help them to develop their activities and to “boost their business”. I strongly believe in the Arabic proverb saying “The one who really wants to achieve something finds a way. The one who does not want it finds an excuse”. This is why I put all my energy, my expertise and my network in personalised marketing, sales and management consulting services tailored for ambitious SMB companies and entrepreneurs.

Vincent De Coninck

Belgium Speaker Vincent De Coninck

Vincent (1978) holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration specialization Marketing. He is certified sommelier and got Advanced Certificate from Wine Spirits Education Trust. Speaks fluently French, Dutch and English. Passionate about entrepreneurship, social innovation, gastronomy, traveling and meditation.

He was working in various positions in the profit sector in the field of B2B sales before he gained professional experience as freelancer in the field of social profit marketing. Ethicom, Max Havelaar Belgium, Africalia and Fair Trade Original are some examples of the non profits and social enterprises he worked for.

He is a serial entrepreneur combining sales and marketing expertise with personal convictions. He set up BelgianWInes.com, the first online webshop for Belgian quality wines (sold in 2010) and co-founded Biod­yv­i­no (formerly known as Vino Mundo) spe­cial­ized in import and dis­tri­bu­tion of organ­ic and fair trade wines.

Vincent is coach at Oksigen Lab incubation centre for social entrepreneurship, www.oksigenlab.eu He has been coach­ing and co-cre­at­ing sev­er­al social busi­ness­es over the past few years, some examples: Relax in de Klas, Marta Antwerpen, Rebelles d’Anvers,Sociale Kruidenier Vlaams-Brabant,…

Rando Pärna

Belgium Speaker Rando Pärna

Serial entrepreneur, investor and ambassador of Seed Forum Foundation. Specialties are strategy, export and sales in fintech, legal, ICT, telecom. Looking for interesting companies to invest in, introduce to corporates and fundraise together with the companies for great returns on the money.

Marc Vandyck

Belgium Speaker Marc Vandyck

As a Scrum ambassador I love working on Agile projects. I’m an Agile coach currently working as ScrumMaster for 4 projects and as an Agile coach for 2 other projects. I help and support companies (IT & the business) in their transition into Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, scaled Scrum or with setting up a scaled Agile framework in a different way then others do.

I believe that Pimento Map and my Agile knowledge and experience go well hand in hand with helping, supporting & coaching Lean startups/starters and entrepreneurs, my second passion!

Baudouin de Troostembergh

Belgium Speaker Baudouin de Troostembergh

Passionate entrepreneur, my drive is to build startups from scratch. In a world where everything changes I believe in people and real collaboration. With this values, I built Startup Factory, a place where people co-create their own job.

Olivier de Schutter

Belgium Speaker Olivier de Schutter

I am a Knowledge Manager truly inspired by sharing and learning. Currently focusing on Latin America’s markets in the sector of renewables and waste-to-energy, I propose pimento map coaching in Spanish and Portuguese. On the side, I dedicate my free time working on social start-up. I am also the founder of The Vocal Trainer, a voice control for fitness devices. I believe that a new era has begun for fitness thanks to IoT. We provide adaptive technologies for Paralympic athletes and promote #sportforall around the world.

Evelien Verschroeven

Belgium Speaker Evelien Verschroeven

Empowering, inspirational and informative sessions and coaching about innovation and entrepreneurship are the keywords in my experience. I assist starters and startups with the development and realization of their business ideas and business plans. Together we find out if their idea is achievable and ultimately translate it into a workable business plan.
Evelien is a coach and mentor at Xerius, Netwerk Ondernemen, Startit, …

Baldwin Berges

Belgium Speaker Baldwin Berges

Baldwin is the founder of BD-Insider, a company that provides training programs and advisory services for businesses and forward-thinking professionals to position themselves to stand out and attract more opportunities in an increasingly crowded, noisy and distracting online world. He is also a founding partner of Silk Invest and Frontera, both businesses with a specialist focus on investing in and developing entrepreneurial opportunities in frontier and emerging markets.

Miriam Elst

Belgium Speaker Miriam Elst

Miriam is passionate about guiding processes of business innovation & digital transformation. She is specialized in group facilitation on Design Thinking, Service Design, Lean Canvas Model and co-creation workshops. With more than 15 years of working experience for large corporations such as BNP Paribas Fortis, Telenet, Godiva, Microsoft, HP, Borealis, … she understands the challenges of the corporate life cycles. Her motto is: “Leave the mumbo jumbo behind and let’s go for actionable and measurable results.” Working with Miriam is fun, dynamic and inspiring.

In her free time, she is Secretary and Treasurer of IAF Belgium where she helps to coach facilitators in their skills and gives support to the networking activities of the organization.

Yves Hulet

Belgium Speaker Yves Hulet

Yves Hulet is a young passionate freelancer.
For several years, he has been building up a strong technical background and uses it wisely to coach Development teams and tackle their impediments.
His dedication and strong communication skills allow him to push teams to become autonomous, self-confident and high performing. Along the way, Yves enjoys building up ideas from scratch and growing his entrepreneurship and business knowledge through those experiences.

Anne-Lies Van den Eynde

Belgium Speaker Anne-Lies Van den Eynde

Anne-Lies Van den Eynde is a chemical engineering with 12 years experience in the corporate business in technical, business intelligence, operational and business development. She is passionate about intrapreneurship. She participed to the start-up of a new business in corporate and is engaged in improving innovation and creativity in business. In her free time she is a social entrepreneur. Strengths: Creativity, Thinking Outside the Box, Strategic Planning

Lawrence Landeloos

Belgium Speaker Lawrence Landeloos

As a conceptual thinker, Lawrence is passionate about innovating and rethinking business models and marketing. He coaches and inspires entrepreneurs in building their business and professional lifestyle.

Lawrence started out as an intern at A.T. Kearney and became management consultant at VODW Brussels. He supports blue chip companies in improving their market performance by using a pragmatic and creative approach to answer strategic and commercial challenges. He has experience in large-scale organisational transformations with focus on sales optimization, marketing strategy and brand positioning.

Lawrence is a board member of Ekonomika – Alumni for Entrepreneurship (AFE).

Samir Abdelkrim

France Speaker Samir Abdelkrim

Samir has for specializations :Investment Policy and Promotion specialist (MENA region): www.anima.coop and is speaker to 10+ business conferences in the Mediterranean Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Private Equity.

He is involved in start-ups and Diaspora entrepreneurship, Biz Plan Competition (www.medventures.biz) as well as organisation of international business conferences. He is also involved in the set up and monitoring of international development projets (European Commission, African Development Bank, etc.).

Rolland Andrianjaka

Madagascar Speaker Rolland Andrianjaka

Rolland Andrianjaka est économiste et détenteur d’un master en Entrepreneuriat. Il capitalise 20 ans d’expériences dans le domaine du développement en collaborant à différentes structures de l’organisation des nations unies: PNUD, UNICEF, BIT, U.E, et la banque mondiale. En 2013, Il a mis en place la formation en entrepreneuriat dans un Centre de Formation Chrétienne à Antananarivo et organise des formations avec les entrepreneurs malgaches, indiens, français et des experts de Micro Cred Madagascar et de SIPEM. En tant que responsable d’un programme d’appui au renforcement de capacités du projet Pôles Intégrés de Croissance (un projet financé par la Banque Mondiale), il gère des subventions pour une cinquantaine d’entreprises travaillant dans différents secteurs toutes installées dans la Région Anosy et à Nosy Be.

Jean Beka

Belgium Speaker Jean Beka

Offering consultancy or ad-interim management services to SME’s or large companies looking for organizing expansion or new business, re-engineering their processes, setting up new methodologies and/or managing their business.

His professional objective consists in bringing his multidisciplinary expertise (general management, finance, operations, engineering, project management, team leadership, organization changes and contract negotiation) in an international and technology environment to create long term added value.

Gauthier Boels

Belgium Speaker Gauthier Boels

Gauthier holds a master degree in bioengineering from the UCL and a second degree in business management from the EAE in Barcelona. He started his career in the IT sector before joining a fast growing industrial biotech SME, where he successively held the positions of R&D Manager, business development Manager and CTO.

Gauthier joined Sopartec in September 2012, as Senior Business Development Manager for the LTTO (Louvain Technology Transfer Office) and Investment Manager for the Vives fund. Within these positions he’s in charge of spin-off projects maturation and investment analysis in young innovative companies, both within the cleantech field.

Karen Boers

Belgium Speaker Karen Boers

Karen specializes in team dynamics and organizational development from a people angle. Allowing teams to develop while working efficiently and effectively towards a common goal, is in our view a key success factor that is all too often overlooked.

That’s exactly why she is also actively involved in Startups.be, as a founder and managing director, developing this new non-profit organization into a unique platform allowing tech starters to meet coaches, investors and all kinds of experts who can help them jumpstart their business.

Aurélie Couvreur

Belgium Speaker Aurélie Couvreur

Aurélie Couvreur est licenciée en sciences économiques et de gestion. Elle bénéficie de plus de 17 années d¹expérience en marketing et communication auprès de grandes entreprises. Depuis plusieurs années, elle est active dans l¹entrepreneuriat. Elle a créé Serendipities, société de conseils en marketing et communication ainsi que Womanity, un réseau pour femmes actives. Co-organisatrice de Startup Weekend et de CoEntrepreneurs Weekend, elle accompagne également des starters et des startups.

Sylvie Delobelle

France Speaker Sylvie Delobelle

Agir ensemble pour votre réussite, une réalité de chaque instant. Sylvie propose aux entreprises, assocations, institutions, écoles, indépendants, individuels de développez votre capital humain, pour être plus performant, et confiant grâce à la formation professionnelle, collective, ou individuelle.

Plus de 25 années en entreprise permettent d’identifier, de comprendre vos problématiques et de vous proposer une juste solution. Ayant pour atouts: passion, disponibilité, professionnalisme et qualité, développer votre curiosité sur Delobelle Consulting.

Amelie de Spot

Belgium Singapore Speaker Amelie de Spot

Amelie is an entrepreneur and private equity investor with over 15 years of experience in launching and investing in startups.

Her practices include private equity, business planning, investment management, management consulting, fund raising, business development (new ventures, products, markets, clients) in fast-growing/rule- changing/highly competitive environments, sales & marketing in various industries such as private equity, Internet, telecom, media, advertising, software.

Raphael Guilbert

Belgium Speaker Raphael Guilbert

I started to walk my dreams as an entrepreneur before leaving School’s benches. I developed a bunch of passion driven projects and offered my creative and forged-by-reality advice to various start-up and ventures as business development consultant.This gave me the chance to explore the fantastic matrix of human beliefs, human behaviors and their interconnections at the heart of any organisation’s success or failure.

I thus initiated a life journey developing my talents as coach, facilitator and trainer and nurturing my passion for human potential development and collective intelligence.

Quentin Kejnich

Belgium Speaker Quentin Kejnich

Après 10 ans d’expérience dans l’accompagnement à la création et au développement d’entreprises innovantes, Quentin Kejnich se positionne aujourd’hui comme le “sparring partner” des dirigeants d’entreprises. Il prodigue ses conseils et apporte un œil externe utile dans le monde des TPE et PME. Ses domaines d’expertises sont le développement stratégique du business model, la rédaction de business plan et plan financier et l’optimisation de la structure financière d’entreprise.

Frédéric Ooms

Belgium Speaker Frédéric Ooms

Frédéric is helping researchers to transfer new innovative technologies from the lab to the market by providing expertise in the protection of their IP, marketing and promoting their technologies, and exploring the best commercialization strategies.

He is specialized in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Innovation, Customer Development, Intellectual Property

Alain Mbangé

Belgium Speaker Alain Mbangé

Alain is an internet Entrepreneur & e-Commerce passionate. His daily activities are focused on the launch (and the evolution) of creative projects. If you need help to improve the effectiveness of your digital platform, he would be the right person to help you. Alain is an Internet Strategy Consultant and developed strong skills including leadership & project development, process optimization, set up new structure & team, e-company optimization, sales and business development.

Davida Rakotomalala

Madagascar Speaker Davida Rakotomalala

Titulaire d’un Master 2 en Entrepreneuriat de l’IFE Maurice, et d’un Master 2 en Gestion PMI- PME de l’Université Paris 12, Davida a encadré et a accompagné pendant plus de 15 ans plusieurs centaines de Chefs d’entreprises à travers des centres d’appuis à l’entrepreneuriat à Madagascar et en Afrique. Il a aussi contribué au démarrage et au développement de la plupart de ces entreprises.

Actuellement, co-fondateur et Président de l’association Hariasa, il est très actif dans l’exploitation des résultats technologiques dans le domaine de l’entrepreneuriat.

Riveltd Rakotomanana

Madagascar Speaker Riveltd Rakotomanana

Riveltd est un consultant en entrepreneuriat et en organisations. Titulaire d’un master II en management d’entreprises, il prépare actuellement son doctorat en sciences sociales. Il intervient surtout pour les Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, de la conception de l’idée au suivi du démarrage de l’entreprise, en passant par le montage des différents dossiers de montage de société. Il est le co-fondateur de différentes associations de sensibilisation à la culture entrepreneuriale et de leadership (CEE-RE ; JCI Iarivo), il est également le coordonnateur du Salon de l’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Emploi de Madagascar. Outre son métier de consultant, il gère actuellement une entreprise spécialisée dans les évènements à caractère économique dénommée Tsingy Events.

John Harivero Ramamonjisoa

Madagascar Speaker John Harivero Ramamonjisoa

Avec une formation de base en expertise comptable et financière, John développe des expériences professionnelles en conseil, expertise et audit au niveau local (Madagascar), régional (Océan indien) et international. Il crée plusieurs entreprises où il joue le rôle de promoteur et de Business Angel (Prestations intellectuelles, TIC, Services …). John est également consultant international auprès de quelques bailleurs de fonds et projets, notamment en management de projet et en gestion financière. De nature autodidacte, il a étudié la plupart des programmes de développement de l’entrepreneuriat et du secteur privé menés dans le monde depuis les quinze dernières années et a pu mettre en pratique certaines théories à l’échelle de son pays.

Tiana Stéphanie Raoilison

France Speaker Tiana Stéphanie Raoilison

Tiana Raoilison est passionnée d’entrepreneuriat…Elle soutient également à titre personnel les entrepreneurs étudiants et jeune diplômés dans leur démarche entrepreneuriale. En tant que présidente de son réseau d’anciens et créatrice du club des entrepreneurs de ce dernier, Tiana co-organise régulièrement des actions de sensibilisation en faveur de l’entrepreneuriat afin de stimuler et encourager la création d’entreprise, auprès des étudiants et des jeunes diplômés…Entrepreneur dès la sortie de ses études, Tiana est aujourd’hui General manager de Smartelia, société d’assistants à distance. Tiana est intimement convaincue que l’entrepreneuriat représente bien plus que des compétences, mais un véritable style de vie où se mêle ambition, enthousiasme et performance.

Yan Thoinet

France Speaker Yan Thoinet

Yan Thoinet has 10 years in a multinational in shipping/logistics in IT/Marketing/ Ebusiness and 7 years with startups, funds, accelerators. HE is president of a Business Angels network and is looking for disruptive tech/ startups for innovative Corporate accounts (open innovation / funding)

Christer Trompet

Belgium Speaker Christer Trompet

Biography to come.

Prosperin Tsialonina

Madagascar Speaker Prosperin Tsialonina

Prosperin est consultant en entrepreneuriat, management et finances. Il bénéficie de plus de 14 années d’expériences dans le domaine de l’audit financier et organisationnel, de trade service manager et de direction administrative et financière de grands groupes internationaux. En août 2009, il a créé sa propre entreprise de services aux entreprises KENTIA sarl. Il a aussi lancé des initiatives à but non lucratif comme la « Rendez-vous des entrepreneurs » (depuis septembre 2009), le « Salon de l’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Emploi » (depuis juillet 2013). Prosperin est également le propriétaire de TSIALONINA CONSULTING, une entreprise d’Apporteur d’affaires, de Conseils, Coaching et Mentoring.

Lorin Voutat

Switzerland Speaker Lorin Voutat

Après des expériences dans de grandes sociétés, (UBS et Sanofi) il travaille pour une agence de communication renommée. Mais très rapidement le virus de l’entrepreneuriat le rattrape. Il va co-fonder plusieurs starts up dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies dont la plupart seront leaders dans leur domaine. Certaines ont déjà été revendues avec succès. En 2007, il reçoit le prix Stratégis décerné par Bilan et la HEC Lausanne.. Très impliqué dans le monde des starts up, il est toujours à l’écoute des jeunes créateurs d’entreprise qu’il conseille volontiers. Il est administrateur de plusieurs sociétés. Il intervient aussi dans les starts up week-end comme coach ou membre du jury. Lorin lance actuellement deux nouvelles start ups: Lost Object SA et Ignilife SA.