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Is Pimento Map compatible with any project ?

The Pimento Map tool can be adapted to any innovation project, whatever the reflection stage of the project. Ideally, a Pimento Map should be filled in after the BMC has been completed, so that you are working with a base that is already well advanced to assess the maturity of the project.

How to subscribe to the premium version of Pimento Map ?

The easiest way to subscribe to a premium license of the Pimento tool is to contact our sales team via the contact form available on the website.

How many maps can I create ?

The freemium version of the tool allows you to fill in 1 map for free.  The premium license allows you to create an unlimited number of maps.

How do I access the score and report ?

In both version, freemium and premium, you will be able to access a report with a score after filling in completely your map. 

Once the 18 questions are answered, the button “score” will appear to open the report and score

How do I invite my team to work on my map ?

It is only possible to work with several people on one or more maps via the premium licence of the Pimento tool.  When creating your map, after naming it and choosing the language, you will be able to select via your license database which user you wish to add to your project map. 

If you don’t  find the user’s name, you will be able to share access to the Pimento licence with him/her. This addition will be validated according to your user level to ensure the security of the platform and its data.

Is the environment secure ?

All information on data security can be found in our privacy policy, which can be accessed via this link. 

Can I change the email address linked to my account ?

If you wish to change the email address of your account, freemium or premium, we ask you to contact us as this will have to be done by our back office teams

How to change my password ?

It is possible to modify your password via the login page by clicking on reset my password. Then follow the steps on the screen.

How can I delete my account ?

In order to delete your account, you must contact the Pimento Map administrator who will perform the operation in the back office.

You may contact the administrator via the contact form or via

How to cancel my subscription to Pimento Map Premium ?

Please contact your Pimento Map representative to terminate your premium subscription. Unless otherwise stated, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.

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